Book Extras

While our printed books present essential accessible translations and original Sanskrit texts, set in context by introductions and informative annotation, we are also able to offer further ancillary materials to many of our volumes, here on our website. Such supplements may include an extended introduction and full bibliography, as well as exhaustive notes and critical apparatus to freshly edited Sanskrit originals.

“The Lady of the Jewel Necklace” and “The Lady Who Shows Her Love”

Foreword by Anita Desai (PDF)

Maha·bhárata Book IV: Viráta

Variant Readings

Maha·bhárata Book VIII: Karna (volume one of two)

Emendations to the Sanskrit Text

Maha·bhárata Book IX: Shalya (volume one of two)

List of textual variants and emendations

Much Ado About Religion

Abstract (10pp, 92kb)
Introduction (71pp, 2.3 mb zipped)
Critical edition (106pp, 572kb)
Bundle of the three preceding (2.7 mb zipped)
Full annotation (656 kb)
Bibliography (160 kb)

Rákshasa’s Ring

Foreword by Romila Thapar (PDF)

Ramáyana I: Boyhood

Foreword by Amartya Sen (PDF)
List of Abbreviations
Notes to the Text
Glossary of Important Sanskrit Words, Proper Nouns, and Epithets
Bibliography (14pp, 1.1 mb)

Ramáyana II: Ayódhya

Bibliography (14pp, 1.1 mb)

Ramáyana III: The Forest

Bibliography (14pp, 1.1 mb)

Ramáyana IV: Kishkíndha

Bibliography (8pp, 604 kb)

Ramáyana V: Súndara

Bibliography (15pp, 1.3 mb)

Three Satires

Foreword by Mani Shankar Aiyar (PDF)

What Ten Young Men Did

Foreword by Kiran Nagarkar (PDF)
Bibliography (5pp, 64 kb)