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John P. Clay

In the late 1990’s, when John P. Clay started to work on the concepts for the Clay Sanskrit Library (“CSL”), his key objective was to produce fifty titles. Today, the list of published volumes encompasses fifty-six works, as shown on the Volumes page. Published volumes may be purchased through the distribution sources listed on the order page.

The Clay Sanskrit Library is a testament to John P. Clay’s dedication and commitment to making Sanskrit literature available to the public.

John P. Clay passed away in June 2013. View Obituary

John P. Clay’s vision came to life in the late 1990’s, when he began to put the people and resources together for what would become the Clay Sanskrit Library. Since the publication of the first volume in 2005, fifty-six volumes have been published. The selection represents the richness and wide variety of Sanskrit literature, covering works of drama, poetry, satire and novels, as well as the two famous epics, the Maha·bhárata and the Ramáyana.

The Clay Sanskrit Library is a series of books covering a wide spectrum of Classical Sanskrit literature spanning two millennia. Bound in the convenient pocket size (4.5″ x 6.5″) in an elegant design, each work features the original Sanskrit text in transliterated Roman letters on the left-hand page with its English translation on the facing page.

The Greatest publishing project of recent years” – Pankaj Mishra