Ārya Sanghāta Sūtra
A site dedicated to the Ārya Sanghāta Sūtra, a Mahāyāna Buddhist scripture. It contains translations in various modern languages.

Gérard Huet’s Sanskrit Site
The site offers various Sanskrit language tools, such as a hypertext dictionary, Sanskrit parser and declension and conjugation engines. It also offers an excellent portal for Sanskrit resources.

GRETIL – Göttingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages
GRETIL is intended as a cumulative register of the numerous download sites for electronic texts in Indian languages.

Index of internet resources for Indological scholarship and home of the Indology discussion list.

Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies
A project of The Society for the Wider Understanding of the Buddhist Tradition.

Sanskrit Knowledge Systems on the Eve of Colonialism
The Sanskrit Knowledge-Systems Project investigates the structure and social context of Sanskrit science and knowledge from 1550 to 1750.

South Asia Internet Resources
From the University of Virginia Center for South Asian Studies.

Tim Lubin’s Digital Indic Texts and Recordings
Recitation of Kāvya Meters by Dr. H. V. Nagaraja Rao (ORI, Mysore), with anecdotes about Appayyadīkṣita. The site offers mp3 audio samples of Sanskrit metres recited by a native pundit. They include some of our current and future volumes (Bhartṛhari’s Śatakatraya, Kālidāsa’s Kumārasaṃbhava, Meghadūta and Raghuvaṃśa) and are an excellent tool for those who wish to become familiar with Sanskrit metre.

Our Colleagues

ast & red
Our current web developer.

The digital publishing and XML consultancy responsible for the corpus search facility on this site.

Sinisnap Design
Our former web designer and developer.

Text Encoding Initiative
An international standard for representing a variety of literary and linguistic texts for online research, teaching, and preservation.

Other Interests

Jetliner Cabins
Information regarding our co-founder’s work in the aviation industry.


Sanskrit Literature
This blog is designed to be the forerunner of a fully-fledged Sanskrit literature forum.

Sārasvataṃ Cakṣuḥ
The results of a haphazard perusal of little known Sanskrit texts. For those who would rather read primary sources.


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