Young Sanskritists

We are delighted that it is not just old scholars and university students who study and enjoy Sanskrit. Sanskrit is taught to pupils of all ages at the St. James Independent Schools in London, starting already at age 4. Girls from Years 7-8 (12-13 year olds) at St. James Independent School for Girls wrote letters of praise to our founder, John P. Clay. Here are some quotes:

When I speak to people who don’t even know what Sanskrit is, I feel privileged.
(Jasmine F., Year 8)

I was very surprised that a very successful businessman studied Sanskrit at university and enjoyed it so much that he even continued it in later life. I was also amazed to hear that you started a whole library dedicated to Sanskrit literature!
(Anu H., Year 8)

I am fascinated by this subject. It is not spoken in England but I would like to hear it spoken fluently.
(Cheryl L., Year 7)

I can now read and write Hindi, which comes from Sanskrit, so when I go to India I can read everything!
(Rhea M., Year 7)

I thought that Sanskrit was just another exam to worry about but I found that it has helped me a lot.
(Helena T., Year 7)

I remember that every Wednesday morning before lessons started, we were told stories from the Maha·bhárata. Between the ages of 8–10 the classes had Sanskrit speaking and writing competitions.
(Emily W., Year 8)

Did you start learning Sanskrit as a child? Do you want to teach your children Sanskrit? We would love to hear from you about your experience and ideas. Do write to us and share your thoughts.