To Be Published In October 2007

Four further Clay Sanskrit Library volumes will be published together in October 2007. Click on the titles for more information about each volume.

Friendly Advice” by Nārāyaṇa and “King Víkrama’s Adventures”

Judit Törzsök
“Friendly Advice” combines numerous animal fables with human stories. In one tale an intrusive ass is simply thrashed by his master, but the meddlesome monkey ends up with his testicles crushed. This volume also contains the compact version of “King Víkrama’s Adventures,” thirty-two popular tales about a generous emperor, told by thirty-two statuettes adorning his lion-throne.

Handsome Nanda by Aśvaghoṣa

Linda Covill
Nanda has it all—youth, money, good looks and a kittenish wife who fulfils his sexual and emotional needs. He also has the Buddha, a dispassionate man of immense insight and self-containment, for an older brother. When Nanda is made a reluctant recruit to the Buddha’s order of monks, he is forced to confront his all-too-human enslavement to his erotic and romantic desires.

Maha·bhárata Book Nine: Shalya (volume two of two)

Justin Meiland
In one of the most famous passages in the “Maha·bhárata,” Dur·yódhana, the heroic but flawed king of the Káuravas, meets his end when he is dishonorably defeated in battle by his arch enemy, Bhima.

Rama’s Last Act by Bhavabhūti

Sheldon I. Pollock
“Rama’s Last Act” by Bhava·bhuti is one of the earliest theatrical adaptations of Valmíki’s “Ramáyana” and revises its most intractable episode, the hero’s rejection of his beloved wife