Now you can read lengthier excerpts from the current CSL publications, on sale with New York University Press (co-publishers with the JJC Foundation). Just select the title you are interested in from the lists here on the right and you will be taken to the download links. (Brief English quotes are already provided under Volumes and Insights.)

CSL Front Matter

We print the Sanskrit text in transliteration, in the Roman alphabet. The Clay Sanskrit Library has further introduced an innovative method of punctuating transcribed Sanskrit. CSL punctuation is designed to grant the reader maximum access to the original. It does so by representing what lies behind the systematic fusion of adjacent words in Sanskrit. Otherwise, this fusion (sandhi) can lead to confusion, and hampers immediate identification of word-breaks and beginnings of words.

Each volume is prefaced by four pages outlining CSL punctuation policy, as well as giving the Sanskrit alphabetical order and a guide to pronunciation. (6pp, 917kb)

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Sandhi Table

A must-have aid for all new learners for identifying word-breaks and beginnings of words. The table systematically lays out possible combinations of phonetic fusion (sandhi) of adjacent words in Sanskrit. (1p, 808kb)

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