Maha·bhárata Book VIII: Karna (volume one of two): Emendations to the Sanskrit Text

This page contains emendations to the Sanskrit text and some text-critical notes which are not included in the printed edition of Maha·bhárata Book VIII: Karna (volume one of two).

The Sanskrit text is based on Kinjawadekar’s edition of Nīlakaṇṭha’s seventeenth-century “vulgate” version of the Mahābhārata:

The Mahābhāratam with the Bharata Bhawadeepa commentary of Nīlakaṇṭha. Edited by Pandit Ramachandrashastri Kinjawadekar. 1979. 6 vols. New Delhi: Oriyantala Buksa Riprinta Karaporesana [1st edition 1936, Poona: Chitrashala Press].

On occasion it was felt necessary to emend the text as presented in the edition available to me, usually due to a transparent case of typographical error, but also in cases where it seemed faulty or incomprehensible. In such cases, emendations have been made with reference to the Critical Edition and its extensive critical notes, and have generally followed variants from manuscripts of the same group within the genetic typology of the manuscript tradition.


4.7Kinjawadekar’s samāśvastāstriyas emended to samāśvastāḥ striyas.
5.4Kinjawadekar’s paṇḍavayodhānām (misprint?) emended to pāṇḍavayodhānām.
5.22Kinjawadekar omits citrasenas tava suto bhīmasenena pātitaḥ (misprint?). Text supplied from the Critical Edition.
5.23Kinjawadekar’s asi carmadharaḥ emended to asicarmadharaḥ.
5.47Kinjawadekar’s rādheyaḥ sūtaputraś emended to rādheyāḥ sūtaputrāś.
5.56Kinjawadekar’s mahad yuddha (misprint?) emended to mahad yuddham.
5.59Kinjawadekar’s tīrṇas tat pāṇḍavo emended to tīrṇaṃ tat pāṇḍavai.
7.14Kinjawadekar’s sve (misprint?) emended to khe.
7.18Kinjawadekar’s bhārata rājaputra emended to bhāratarājaputra.
8.19Kinjawadekar’s puṇḍracīrakān emended to puṇḍrakīcakān.
9.14Kinjawadekar’s pārtha emended to pāraṃ.
9.44Kinjawadekar’s avamanye emended to avamanya.
9.97Kinjawadekar’s tathā emended to yathā.
10.5Kinjawadekar’s pratyahāram emended to pratyāhāram.
10.30Kinjawadekar’s namitavikrama (misprint?) emended to amitavikrama.
10.32Kinjawadekar’s ahati (misprint?) emended to arhati.
11.11Kinjawadekar’s nighnan emended to ghnantaṃ.
11.19Kinjawadekar’s anupāde emended to anupādas.
11.36Kinjawadekar’s -dundubhiḥ emended to -dundubhīḥ
12.2Kinjawadekar’s nararathāśvebhaiḥ emended to nararathāśvebhāḥ; and dehapāṣmāsunāśanān emended to dehapāpmāsunāśanān.
12.33Kinjawadekar’s tomarai raṅgam āśritaiḥ (misprint?) emended to tomarair aṅgam āśritaiḥ.
14.30Kinjawadekar’s patitā bhāsayac emended to patitābhāsayac.
15.7Kinjawadekar’s tatā (misprint?) emended to tato.
15.17Kinjawadekar’s sudāraṇe (misprint?) emended to sudāruṇe.
16.10Kinjawadekar’s vāsitārtham emended to vāśitārtham.
16.39Kinjawadekar’s astān emended to astāṃś.
17.23Kinjawadekar’s nitataṃ (misprint?) emended to niyataṃ. Vrishni hero: Krishna.
18.6Kinjawadekar’s rathāśvamātaṅgagagaṇān (misprint?) emended to rathāśvamātaṅgagaṇān.
18.11Kinjawadekar’s pādagoptṝṃs emended to pādagoptṛbhis. Lord of Giri·vraja: Danda·dhara.
18.23Kinjawadekar’s ripu (misprint?) emended to ripuḥ.
19.3Kinjawadekar’s dhuryagatān emended to dhuryetarān.
19.5Kinjawadekar’s vāsitārthe emended to vāśitārthe.
19.15Kinjawadekar’s saṃsyatāḥ emended to saṃsyūtāḥ.
19.38Kinjawadekar’s amitraghnasaṃvṛtā emended to amitraghna saṃvṛtā.
19.40Kinjawadekar’s sāṅgalitrair (misprint?) emended to sāṅgulitrair.
19.58Kinjawadekar’s astrāṇi emended to astāni.
20.19Kinjawadekar’s vyambakeṇāndhako (misprint?) emended to tryambakeṇāndhako.
20.46Kinjawadekar’s pāṇḍyarājā ’nucarān emended to pāṇḍyarājānucarān.
21.12Kinjawadekar’s prāsān emended to prāsāñ.
24.67Kinjawadekar’s nāgāṅgāvayavair emended to nānāṅgāvayavair.
25.27Kinjawadekar’s dṛṣṭvā śraddheyam emended to dṛṣṭvāśraddheyam.
25.40Kinjawadekar’s ’gac chrutakīrter (misprint?) emended to ’gacchac chrutakīrter.
26.15Kinjawadekar’s brāhmaṇa emended to brāhamaṇaṃ.
26.22Hrídika’s son: Krita·varman.
26.24Drúpada’s son: Shikhándin.
26.36Kinjawadekar’s vyajasṛt (misprint?) emended to vyasṛjat.
27.21Kinjawadekar’s śarais tatīkṣṇair (misprint?) emended to śarais tīkṣṇair. Vishvak·sena: Krishna.
27.39Kinjawadekar’s svānugā emended to ā tuṅgād.
28.5Kinjawadekar’s kāyat (misprint?) emended to kāyāt.
28.27Kinjawadekar’s hastirbhir (misprint?) emended to hastibhir.
30.18Kinjawadekar’s ajihmagai (misprint?) emended to ajihmagaiḥ.
30.30Kinjawadekar’s bhaṅktve (misprint?) emended to bhaṅktveva.
31.9Kinjawadekar’s tadā emended to sadā.
31.26Kinjawadekar’s nitya (misprint?) emended to nityaṃ.
31.46Kinjawadekar’s trissaptakṛtvaḥ emended to triḥsaptakṛtvaḥ. Rama: Rama Jamadágnya.
31.49Kinjawadekar’s hatavīrā emended to hatadviḍ bhūḥ.
31.71Kinjawadekar’s sāśvāḥ svanuyāsyanti emended to sāśvā anuyāsyanti.
32.20Kinjawadekar’s tathaiva tat emended to ca tāni te.
32.21Kinjawadekar’s naḥ emended to na.
32.37Kinjawadekar’s katavyaḥ (misprint?) emended to kartavyaḥ.
33.18Kinjawadekar’s bhāmaṃ (misprint?) emended to bhaumaṃ.
33.31Kinjawadekar’s prāpyate emended to prāpya te.
33.33Kinjawadekar’s saṃsthitāḥ sarve sthāpitāḥ emended to saṃsthitiṃ sarve sthāpitāṃ.
34.7Kinjawadekar’s ardhatejasāḥ emended to ardhatejasā.
34.48Kinjawadekar’s jarā emended to ’jarā. Time: Death.
34.51Kinjawadekar’s aśviraḥ (misprint?) emended to īśvaraḥ.
34.52Kinjawadekar’s kṛttivāsā ’bhayaṃkaraḥ emended to kṛttivāsā bhayaṃkaraḥ.
34.88Kinjawadekar’s janā emended to jayaṃ.
35.2Kinjawadekar’s vīra emended to vīraḥ.
35.25Kinjawadekar’s kiṃ tu emended to kiṃ nu.
36.8Kinjawadekar’s bhadraṃ emended to bhartre.
36.29Kinjawadekar’s santanayeyur emended to saṃjanayeyur.
37.1Kinjawadekar’s samavāsthatam (misprint?) emended to samavasthitam.
37.9Kinjawadekar’s dāruṇāḥ emended to māriṣa.
37.24Kinjawadekar’s māṃ emended to .
38.1Kinjawadekar’s pāṇḍavān emended to pāṇḍavaṃ.
40.13Kinjawadekar’s pitṛṣvasā mātulajau emended to pitṛṣvasāmātulajau. Behold the nobility of my birth: This is a pointed statement by Karna, who is, as ever, sensitive of his supposedly low birth.
40.25Kinjawadekar’s naptānye te ca emended to naptā te te ca.
40.26Kinjawadekar’s puṃābhir (misprint?) emended to puṃbhir.
40.29Kinjawadekar’s prakhyātā śubhakarmasu emended to prakhyātāśubhakarmasu.
40.32Kinjawadekar’s yathaiva emended to tathaiva.
40.45Kinjawadekar’s soyaṃ emended to so ’haṃ.
41.6Kinjawadekar’s buddhyatā emended to budhyatā.
41.31Kinjawadekar’s na emended to tu.
41.37Kinjawadekar’s āśu vikramaḥ emended to āśuvikramaḥ.
41.64Kinjawadekar’s uācchiṣṭadarpito (misprint?) emended to ucchiṣṭadarpito; and manyetmānaṃ emended to manye ”tmānaṃ.
41.68Kinjawadekar’s hasas (misprint?) emended to haṃsas.
41.74Kinjawadekar’s ta (misprint?) emended to te.
41.79Kinjawadekar’s mahīkṣitāṃ (misprint?) emended to mahīkṣitām. As they explained: The present participle vadataḥ is in the singular, though we should expect the dual. I have kept Kinjawadekar’s reading since it is attested in many manuscripts. Lack of concord between subject and verb is not unknown in epic Sanskrit; see T. Oberlies: A Grammar of Epic Sanskrit. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2003: 298ff. In this instance it perhaps emphasizes that they spoke as one.
41.81Kinjawadekar’s putra (misprint?) emended to putraṃ; and kuntāputraṃ (misprint?) emended to kuntīputraṃ.
42.1Kinjawadekar’s ādhiradhir (misprint?) emended to ādhirathir.
42.6Kinjawadekar’s ūrūprabhedāc emended to ūruprabhedāc.
42.12Kinjawadekar’s tato ’nyatpratipannam emended to hi me tatpratipannam. Obtained from him: «him» is Rama Jamadágnya.
42.14Kinjawadekar’s suputrān emended to supatrān.
42.49Kinjawadekar’s brahma gatiṃ emended to brahmagatiṃ.
43.2Kinjawadekar’s bibhīṣayitum emended to vibhīṣayitum.
44.3Kinjawadekar’s te emended to me.
44.45Kinjawadekar’s vāhīkaṃ nāma tajjalam emended to vāhīkā nāma te janāḥ.
45.8Kinjawadekar’s bhavanty ekakule viprāḥ prasṛṣṭāḥ kāmacāriṇaḥ emended to bhavaty ekaḥ kule vipraḥ śiṣṭānye kāmacāriṇaḥ. śiṣṭānye: Double sandhi (-ā- < |-ās a-|); see T. Oberlies (2003: 42).
45.15Kinjawadekar’s vā hyanayād emended to vāhyanayād.
45.28Kinjawadekar’s matsyā emended to matsyāḥ.
45.43Kinjawadekar’s avarakṣanta emended to abhibhartsanto.
46.28Kinjawadekar’s hastyaśvarathamātaṅgāḥ emended to pattyaśvarathamātaṅgāḥ.
46.41Kinjawadekar’s saratha emended to sa ratha.
46.52Kinjawadekar’s narāśvagajavājinām emended to narāśvagajanisvanān.
46.53Kinjawadekar’s jyātalatreṣu śabdāṃś emended to jyātalatreṣuśabdāṃś.
48.29Kinjawadekar’s tāvankāpunar (misprint?) emended to tāvakān punar.
48.40Kinjawadekar’s āvidhyakunnalaṃ (misprint?) emended to āvidhyan nakulaṃ.
48.41Kinjawedakar’s sūta emended to sūtaṃ.
49.4Kinjawadekar’s abhyadravaj emended to abhyadravañ.
49.6Kinjawadekar’s yaśasā pūrayan emended to yaśasāpūrayan.
49.40Kinjawadekar’s maheṣvāsā emended to maheṣvāso. Lord of men: Yudhi·shthira.
49.46Kinjawadekar’s tāḍayitvā nadan emended to tāḍayitvānadan.
49.49Kinjawadekar’s ’bhyupāyāt emended to ’py apāyāt.
49.61Kinjawadekar’s athāpayati emended to athāpayātaṃ.
50.15Kinjawadekar’s dhruvaṃ emended to dhruvam.
50.24Kinjawadekar’s kiṃ karodyatadaṇḍena emended to kiṃkarodyatadaṇḍena.
51.10Kinjawadekar’s vyamuñcac charavrātān emended to vyamuñcañ śaravrātān.
51.12Kinjawadekar’s chira (misprint?) emended to chiraḥ.
51.37Kinjawadekar’s sāyakaiḥ emended to sāyakaḥ.
53.37Kinjawadekar’s merīśabdāś (misprint?) emended to bherīśabdāś.
17.15Kinjawadekar’s sombhoda (misprint?) emended to so ’mbhoda.
18.24Kinjawadekar’s tathā bhaviṣyad emended to tathābhaviṣyad.
25.6Kinjawadekar’s kāñcanaṃ (misprint?) emended to kāñcanam.
34.70Pada b hypermetric.
37.11I have chosen to retain the reading ativīryau though, as pointed out by a helpful reader of the manuscript, it breaks the meter. It is possible that the reading retained here indicates editorial activity motivated by discomfit with what the Critical Edition’s reading (āttavīryau) implies for two heroes as venerable as Bhishma and Drona. On the other hand, of course, the variations may simply be due to scribal error.
41.26Kinjawadekar’s tiryakḍīnagatāni emended to tiryagḍīnagatāni.